Improve Your Home With Drip Edge

all seasons roofing companyWe are teaching and guiding you the basics of roofs from materials to installation. Before we have talked about the technical terms for all the elements and components that make up your roof like soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, and downspouts and now we will be talking about a roof’s drip edge.

The Roof’s Drip Edge

all seasons roofing incThe roof’s drip edge is usually comprised of a piece of metal flashing fastened along the edge of your tent in such a way that it folds away from the house and allows water to fall easily into your eaves-troughs and away from the side of the home. If you are having difficulty imagining what a drip edge looks like, imagine the small portion on the right side is the drip edge of your roof guiding water into your gutters, and the taller, long side is the edge of your roof.