Choosing A New Roof

roofing companyIf you’re planning a new roof for your new or existing home, aesthetics are important, but so too are the material’s cost, installation requirements, and weight.

If you are renovating, the existing roof of your home will define your selection of roofing material. Should you be looking at other options, you’ll want to consider not only the cost but the weight, texture, color, and durability of your options, as well as what traditionally has been done on houses like yours.

Slate Is One of the Most Strong Materials for Roofing

roofing contractorsSlate is one of the most strong materials for roofing. Not all slate is the same. Some are from Pennsylvania, Some come from quarries in Vermont, and other states but the best of it will endure the clips that hold it in place. In fact, it is often reused for re installation, with the expectation it will last another century. But the slate is expensive typically prices start at about $800 a square and very heavy.