Asphalt Roofing Material

metal roofingNot all roofing material can be applied on every roof. A low slope roof or a flat roof may need a surface opposed from one with a steeper pitch. Materials like tile and slate are weighty, so the structure of many homes is inadequate to carry the load.

Asphalt Is the Most Regularly Used of All Roof Materials

roofing companiesAsphalt is the most regularly used of all roof materials, probably due to its low cost and needs a minimal skill to install. It’s made of medium fiberglass that’s been filled with asphalt and then given a covering of sand-like texture.

Two standard configurations are sold: the thickness standard single thickness variety and thicker, laminated. The usual type costs roughly half as much, but layered shingles have an appealing textured look and last almost half as long. Prices start at about $50 a square but depending upon the type of shingle chosen, and the installation can cost many times that.